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Freight Metrics provides the road transport industry, operating cost calculators, tools and  trip planners, to help owner drivers and transport operators assess their truck and courier operating costs and to promote fair pricing discussion within the industry. Freight Metrics also provides the road freight industry with Saferates.com.au giving industry the opportunity to discuss sustainable rates, and a place to keep up with industry discussions to encourage safe driving practices and safer road use.

Just plug in your vehicle operating figures and see what the effects are on you costs and margin.

How Accurate

Check your freight pricing on the web in minutes.


Calculate your road vehicle operating costs with confidence.


Check out our aircraft operating cost calculators.


See ship locations or view vessels located around a particular port.


Financial calculators that give you the answer to your financial queries.

Save Clients Time & money

Our Hard work your savings

Our business was born out of the fact that we have been producing advance calculators for many years with the support and guidance of transport owners / operators. 

Let our work benefit your business by utilising the years and experience that we have in producing these calculators. 

With a simple monthly subscription you can have access to the full range of calculators.

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