Aircraft Operating Cost Calculator                        
    Country of operation  
  Step 1: Fuel                              
    Fuel Cost    
  Step 2: Aircraft Type                              
    Select Type of Aircraft
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    Estimated Passenger Capacity per Flight                  
  Step 3: Fuel Consumption                              
( Indicative Burn Rate ltr / hr )
50% 65% 80%
Enroute (Average Fuel Burn Rate) 33.0
Arrival Management (Average Fuel Burn Rate) 0.0
Stationary Ground (Average Fuel Burn Rate) 0.0
Active Taxi Out (Average Fuel Burn Rate) 0.0
  Step 4: Annual Usage                              
    Number of flights per day   per Day                
    Days per week that the aircraft works   Days per week (Average number of days per week)  
    Weeks per year aircraft is operating   ( account for pilot holidays and service time)      
Net Average Daily Number Passengers
Est. max daily passengers
  Step 5: Average Trip Distance                              
                                  (Click Calculate to update)  
    Aircraft Cruise Speed   Knots Est. Cruise Speed knots  
    Average Flight Distance   Est.Travel Time: hrs  
    Enroute (Cruise) Time         (Total per Day)   (Per operating / working day in step 4)  
    Arrival Management Time    (Total per Day)   (Per operating / working day in step 4)  
    Stationary Ground Time      (Total per Day)   (Per operating / working day in step 4)  
    Active Taxi Out Time           (Total per Day)   (Per operating / working day in step 4)  
    Est. Flight Operating Time:           Hours     Est. Daily Operation hours
    Estimated Annual  Operating Hours       Hours     per year (estimated average)      
  Step 6: Finance (per aircraft)                                  
Aircraft Costs - see these links:
Cost to Replace Aircraft
Miscellaneous costs
Less Deposit
    Loan (Amount Financed)                  
                               Interest Rate
Paid monthly in arrears
                                   Loan Period       Years                    
Loan repayments are calculated based on constant payments and a constant interest rate.
Balloon is the residual lump sum payment payable at the end of the loan (if selected to be used).
    Annual Depreciation       per Annum              
Depreciation rates and limits are set by the Tax Office.  Speak with your financial advisor for what rate to use.
  Step 7: Fixed Costs (per aircraft)                                  
Costs in Step 6 relate only to the costs for a single vehicle
Insurance (Aircraft)  per year Average Landing Fees paid per day
Registration (Aircraft)  per year Office / Miscellaneous $ per month
Accounting / Consultancy  per year Telephones
per month
Hanger / Rent for vehicle  per year Administration Staff Costs per month
Hanger Rates / Overheads  per year Admin. Office Supplies per month
Pilot Wage  per week Number of Pilots
Co-Pilot Wage  per week Number of Pilots
Service Staff Wages  per week Number of Service Staff
Ground Support Wages  per week Number of Ground Crew
    (of wage on top of wage)                  
      (of wage on top of wage)                    
  Step 8:  Service / Maintenance                          
Service Cost
        service interval 
Oil change
        service interval
  General Maintenance           maintenance interval         
Engine Maintenance
        overhaul interval
Other Maintenance
        overhaul interval
(Maintenance includes costs for Brakes / Plugs / Injectors / Alternator / Engine rebuild / Batteries etc.)
  Step 9:  Tyre Wear                                  
Steer Tyre Cost per tyre Trailing Tyre Cost
per tyre
Steer Tyre Quantity
Trailing Tyre Quantity
Steer Tyre Life
Trailing Tyre Life
  Summary of Estimated Costs - Click Calculate to Update Figures                  
    Cost Summary Per Annum   Per Month   Per Operating Day    Percentage Cost  
    Fixed Costs              
    Total Estimate              
    Time in Operation              
    Time in Operation            
    Distance Travelled Nautical Miles per year - (estimated average)            
    Estim. Annual Operating Hours Hours            
    Service Intervals   per year (estimated average) (minimum 1  service per year)
    Maintenance Intervals per year (estimated average) (minimum 1  general maintenance per year)
  Operating Margin                                  
  Estimated Charge per Hour   + GST / Tax   (per operating day)        
  Operating Cost per Day   Est. Charges per   Day Margin per Day
  Estimated Cost per Hour   Est. Charge per   Margin per
  Average Cost per Person   Av. Charge per   Margin per
  Average Cost per    Av. Charge per   Margin per
CAUTION:  Margin is highly affected by cashflow.  Margin shown may not be achieved for various reasons.
                   Seek accredited financial advice before using these figures.
Margins shown EBITDA - (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, Amortization)
All Figures exclude GST / Tax & Depreciation considerations.
The competitive (cost) value of flights can increase / decrease depending on the demand.
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